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A meme going around the nh'ers, which I didn't think would be useful to take but I finally found a constructive *cough* way of responding.

What do you do to make money? program computer games
Do you like it? always
Look to your left. closet, junk on floor, laundry basket rack thing
Look to your right. boxes full of bubble wrap, empty boxes, guitar
Which book has changed the way you live? Do you still beat your wife?
Have you ever left someone you loved? I've never loved anyone
Has someone you loved ever left you? Let me check... nope, I've still never loved anyone
The president has asked to see you, what do you say to him? "Why did you ask to see me, other than because of this stupid quiz?"
A beautiful woman/man is over at your apartment, what music do you put on? The same music I put on for anyone? If this is supposed to be "to seduce them", then why doesn't it just say so?
What is your favorite poster/artwork in your apt/house? My walls are bare.
Behind your back people call you: How should I know? And why isn't this phrased in the form of a question? And why does the meme version have colons instead of question marks anyway?
Had you an army, which country would you invade? USA
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