not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

A couple of dreams last night. One was a very vivid action movie of sorts, but I can only remember snippets from the second half now. I was there with two other people, one of whom had the form but not persona of veek; there was some bit with painting red laser dots but we got away. We ran across some sort of college campus, through the snow, me leading the way, made a turn.

And then the veek-like person looked back, and I saw a red dot on her forehead, and things went into comic-book mode: that, I yelled at her to move, and in the next panel, she got shot.

We dove down in the snow and somehow got away, but then the other guy got caught or killed, and then finally the enemy got the drop on me and captured me. I promised I would be good and they didn't have to hurt me or tie me up or anything, and the sinister guy said, "Easier than that." And he injected me with something, and I suddenly became unable to think clearly or act, and then I passed out.

I came to, and he and I talked for a little bit, and then he injected me again with the same thing. I found I was able to keep myself awake, though, and I thought maybe I could build up a tolerance or resistance to the drug and be able to sneak off since they wouldn't watch me closely if I was out of it. Dream ended there.
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