not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


Played DDR at Chris' place. Third time I've played. (I think I forgot to report the last time, a couple of weeks ago.)

A few minutes before I was planning to leave, Chris started a song called Holic. (This was from DDR USA PS2 I think, and was a song that had gotten unlocked at some point.)

And man, it's an incredibly neat idea, totally marred by hideously bad execution. After our first two attempts, I made Chris sit it out once so I wouldn't hear him flailing while I was trying to play it.

The reason it's an incredibly neat idea is because it's in 7/8 time (other parts in 7/4 time), and I'd been thinking it would really be cool to try to DDR to an odd time signature, since you can't really dance to one but it might work in DDR context. The reason it's totally marred is many-fold: the tempo is way too high (high enough that it's about the same speed as a song I wrote once in 7/16 time); the music totally doesn't cue where the beginning of the measure is melodically, which is crucial to making odd time signatures work; and the DDR way of displaying rhythms sucks total ass. DDR display is exactly the same problem as drum machine programming--triggering notes on beats and not (normally) worrying about note lengths--and drum machine programming works best with grids. There should be nice horizontal lines every beat so that you can parse the spacing of notes relative to those lines. Instead, they just show off-beat eighth notes in a different color--but not even that, since each note cycles through multiple colors, the off-beat ones cycle through the same colors, they're just out of phase. So you can tell where the syncopations are in a given pattern, but you can't tell at a glance if they're all on-beat or all off-beat, and longer patterns (dotted quarter especially) become tricky to parse.

When a music game can't do dotted quarter, dotted quarter, dotted quarter, dotted quarter, quarter quarter; when a music game can more easily pull of a fast 7/8 then a 5/4 (dotted quarter, dotted quarter, quarter quarter); that music game sucks severely disappoints me.
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