not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

game night

Game night on Monday--I didn't get a chance to post this earlier for various reasons. Warren was the guest of honor.

Half the group played 'Something DragonstOnes'--I remember the latter word because of the typography creating the appearance of the inappropriate intercap--while the other half played two games of Castle. Not sure about Castle, how to judge it. You start with a bunch of cards representing characters, and place them on the board in various positions; win by emptying your hand. As you place a character you get to activate its power, which often involves sending another character back to the other player's hand. We were playing five player, which the rules say makes it fairly random, and it did seem so. But the cards interacted interestingly and had balance--although the adjacency-dependencies seemed pretty minor--and I'm curious if we'll have exhausted all the possibilities in only a few more games.

After that, half the group played some German game (whose name I didn't catch) about making movies in Hollywood--so lots of the movies in the game had German names that they had to guess at (one their starting guess at a literal translation was 'the third invisible man'), although Casablanca, Godzilla, and Bambi all had their original names. The other half of us played the DragonstOnes game. That had an interesting bidding mechanic--blind bidding and you pay whether you win or lose, although the money resets periodically. It seemed pretty interesting but again, need to play more before we can judge it properly.

Then played DDR for several hours. Doug and Chris are much better than I, having played more than I have--they've AA'd most of the songs in light difficulty on both the mixes we play (sixth mix and DDR MAX USA or some such). Mahk also played for a while before going home; he was at a similar skill level to me, although I improved noticeably as the night went on, and he left early. My practice on Cowgirl in Stepmania didn't help much because we moved off that mix before I'd warmed up much. At the end of the night I did get a 200 combo which Doug and Chris apparently had never actually done for some reason (I think because most songs don't have 200 beats in light).
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