not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Unpreplanned game night last night., trying out three previously unplayed games. Mahk and I played Scarab Lords, which is Knizia's Magic-the-Gathering-like mock-collectible-card game. The premise--that there are two victory conditions, and you constantly prolong the game avoiding the short-term one and end up facing the long-term one, is pretty cool, but Mahk got a crushing early lead which seemed to owe largely to his god cards and the intentional imbalance they introduce. (If one player ends up with god cards out for 80% of the time, there's little the other player can do.) Then Mahk, Art and I played two games of Clans and a game of Corsairs.

Clans has a very interesting gameplay mechanic--just moving huts together in clusters, and the twisted "nobody knows who is playing which color" rule which, I dunno, seems like maybe it was introduced because without it the game was too boring? I did ok for most of the first game but came in last; the second game I tried to bluff about who I was, succeeded, but still ended up coming in last place, behind the two unplayed colors even, because everybody kept picking on my color anyway.

Corsairs was very beer-and-pretzely, seemed like a lot of effort for little gain, had not much of a scoring curve so the ending was as close as the beginning, and had a horrible fiction. (Come on, to conquer a given ship you need a particular quantity of bananas and water, but possibly no pirates at all?)
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