not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

netflix recommendations

So I've never been very impressed with Netflix' DVD recommendations based on the 350+ movie ratings I've already given them. Which sucks since there was another (now defunct) free rating system I once used that did pretty well after only 100 movies or so. , With Netflix, it seems like everything gets predicted down to 2 to 4 stars (from 1-5) and so there's not much of a recommendation in practice.

Anyway, I glance at the first page of recommendations, see nothing interesting, maybe go to the second page, and then punt, although it is showing a lot more "predicted 5-stars" recommendations then I recall seeing in the past.

So I decide to look through their sci-fi/fantasy section--I almost never use the browse interface--and see if there's anything obvious I've forgotten to rent (or rate). They sort the listings by your predicted rating, which simplifies life.

Anyway, at the very top of SF/fantasy, the first movie they list, with a predicted five-star recommendation, is Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste".

Which I've already seen, so I'm not going to rent it again, but I have to admit, they nailed the predicted rating..
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