not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

askesis challenges us to name fifty things we like, ideally in ten minutes.

Here's the list I came up with In ten minutes:

  1. Haagen-Daz Coffee Ice Cream
  2. writing within limits
  3. playing X-Com: Enemy Unknown
  4. playing guitar well
  5. two-hour walks
  6. debugging a tricky bug
  7. gaming with friends
  8. dancing to "Song Against Sex"
  9. reading sci-fi/fantasy
  10. people liking my creative work
  11. creating artificial worlds in the computer
  12. chocolate milk
  13. the early stages of crushing on someone
  14. writing music
  15. really clever, obvious-in-hindsight plot twists
  16. sharing a task with someone equally skilled
  17. Glenn Branca, Symphony Number 6: Devil's Choir at the Gates of Heaven
  18. thinking up the perfect gift
  19. inventing algorithms
  20. a good one-liner (i.e. laughing)
  21. learning
  22. providing moral support
  23. mmm, pizza </ul>

    Twenty more in another twenty minutes:

    1. letters from friends
    2. drumming poorly
    3. thinking on paper
    4. transparent crinkly plastic with weird iridescent-seeming refraction
    5. remembering moments I enjoyed
    6. encouraging experimentation in the game industry
    7. discovering musical connections
    8. watching a game grow as other team members add features
    9. critiquing a fatally-flawed work
    10. walking in a light rain
    11. writing an 80-line program which compiles and runs correctly the first time
    12. battery-powered laser pointers
    13. prefab Rice Kripsie Marshmallow Treats
    14. designing Chromatron levels
    15. devil's advocating
    16. the upper side of endless cloud cover
    17. careening at 50+ mph on a rollercoaster
    18. doing it myself
    19. juggling
    20. the feel of snow </ul>
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