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Another dream:

buzzard says, "anyway, me and a female and a guy I eventually identified as inky went from somewhere to someone's room"
buzzard says, "we were lying around on the floor (bed?) and doing homework or something"
buzzard says, "and I was starting to feel like a third wheel or something and announced that I was leaving"
buzzard asks, "er, fifth wheel?"
buzzard says, "anyway, so then the female asked if she could get a ride"
buzzard says, "so I said I wasn't actually planning on going back to wherever it was we had come from"
buzzard says, "but she said, oh, she didn't neeed to go back, she had everything she needed, and wnated a ride home"
buzzard says, "and i said well i guess if it's not far"
buzzard says, "and I guess she said it was a half an hour? an hour? an hour an a half? I don't remember now, but whatever it was, dream me thought that wasn't bad"
buzzard says, "so she tells me where it is"
buzzard says, "and clearly at this point we're in Maryland, and I'm considering these two possible routes to get there"
buzzard says, "not that these routes actually exist in maryland, anything"
buzzard says, "but at the time I had identified them as possibilities I Was familiar with from MD (where I've done the most driving in my life)"
buzzard says, "so I have to choose which way to go"
buzzard says, "so I walk up to the fork, which is a corridor with a corridor leading off to the side, and a bunch of big pillars on the 'main' route"
buzzard says, "any I stand between two pillars considering, and then this person walks out from the same place I did"
buzzard says, "and starts to pass along that route between the pillars, so I stop her (because it's sort of the same woman) and debate the possibilities"
buzzard says, "I guess one way is going to be more crowded, and the other way is less direct"
buzzard says, "so now we're back in the car and we go one way, I forget which, and there's a bus stop right after the fork"
buzzard says, "so now we're getting ready to get on the bus"
buzzard says, "me and the original chick"
buzzard says, "and she's asking people around her if they have makeup"
buzzard says, "then she puts some rouge or something on me"
buzzard says, "and I get into a giant animal costume of some kind"
buzzard says, "and before I put on the head she says, 'well, you don't really look like a woman, but it's enough to fool them if they just peek in the eyeholes or whatever'"
buzzard says, "then we ride the bus for a while"
buzzard says, "then we stop somewhere, and a bunch of people get off to take a break"
buzzard says, "and then the bus driver says it's time to go, so they come back to the bus"
buzzard says, "and they're lining up to get on, and half of them are on"
buzzard says, "and the bus driver closes the door and drives off because he can't wait any longer"
buzzard asks, "then he stops to let them on somewhere else or something?"
buzzard says, "and I get off the top level of the bus onto the roof next to it for a moment. and then he drives off without me"
buzzard says, "and I try to run after him with somebody else. I'm running down some particular street in DC"
buzzard says, "and the bus turns a sharp corner up ahead, so I try to cut across the corner"
buzzard says, "which is up a steep hill"
buzzard says, "and there are tons of ducks coming the other way"
buzzard says, "non-stop ducks"
buzzard says, "it's raining ducks down the hill"
buzzard says, "and I"m trying to climb up the hill, an inch at a time, in this giant animal suit"
buzzard says, "the end"
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