not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I owe a bunch of taxes for the $6K of contract work I did last year--I won't pay any income tax, but there's "payroll" taxes--FICA/social security, whatever. Anyway, I'm currently out of checks--have been for a while, procrastinated ordering more, but I did finally order them a while back, dunno why they're not here. I was going to file the automatic extension but as far as I could see the late fee is the same if you don't pay with the automatic extension vs. just not bothering with the automatic extensions, so whatever. This won't be the first time I just sent my taxes in late and paid the pointlessly small penalty (one half of one percent, I think it is).

Bought the extended Fellowship boxed set last night, plus a few CDs. Watched the movie itself over the last two days, and then I'll start digging into all the extended materials. This is because I haven't gotten any netflix movies in a while, because my netflix account is on hold, because I haven't paid my credit card bill in quite a while--because I don't have any checks.

Soulcatcher, my laptop, is still going strong, yay. I've started clearing space on the hard drive of my digital multitrack; I'm going to start transferring all my old 4-track master casette tapes to it and archiving them onto the CD-R backup for it, because the tapes are not in great condition and are getting worse. Some of them are fifteen years old--some of my best stuff was recorded in 1989! Also, once transferred onto the digital, I can add digital reverb and other effects and make nicer mixes of them. Hopefully I'll post some of them, but I think I'm going to have to upgrade my account on Pair (my web provider) so I can host more data; the music and photos I have there now take up most of the 100MB I'm allotted--I already took down most of the songs-with-vocals I'd posted to make room for the audio sketchbook files.
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