not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

So I almost never answer my phone--I let the answering machine screen calls--and this entry demonstrates why.

Since my friend is in town, and I had just talked to her half an hour before, when the phone rang, I answered it. It was my brother. He was not sober; half-apologized for being buzzed.

I'm not particularly fond of my brother on an interpersonal level--I don't feel any need to engage him in conversation--so I let him lead it. But I opened with the "I just got back from LA"; he asked why; I explained that I had just gone down to see Lisa Germano. He asked how it was, I said fine, a few more words about it. He asked something incoherent; I waited; he never pulled it together.

He told me how our mother came down and visited him last week, and they went up to Skyline Drive, walked somewhere whose name I forget now. I gave him the conversational equivalent of nodding.

Then, maybe something else first, but then he asked if I'd got the package he'd sent. I told him, yeah, I'd gotten it a few days before I went to LA, but I hadn't really had a chance to listen to it since where my computer is I currently don't have audio; and anyway, one of the things he sent me was a CD of one of my old tapes, which I'd told him not to bother making since I'm in the middle of making new digital masters of those--his copies were about third (tape) generation.

Then he asked me what happened when mom came out to visit me a while back, and I explained some of the things we'd done, but I'm sure he'd heard it all before and I wasn't sure why he was asking.

Then he told me how she'd just come and visited him and how they went up on Skyline Drive and how that was fun.

Then he asked me if I'd seen any bands lately, and I said, not many, but I just got back from LA to see Lisa Germano. So he told me about a wacky hardcore festival he went to see, where all the bands had the same lineup--I interrupted, to make sure I knew what he meant by lineup, and asked, "what, like, two guitarists and a bassist"? And he says, "Yeah, I must have already told you this." But I was honest and explained what I meant, and he said, yeah, they were all two guitarists and a bassist and a drummer and one of the guitarists sang, and there was one exception that was a threepiece, but that he found out later that that was a fourpiece that one of the guitarists didn't show.

Anyway, he said they were mostly generic except this one band which was some random string of words that I can't remember, but ending in "Somethingpussy". And then there was a wacky band that was "Dillinger Escape something" (Hatch?), and they "made no sense, playing 30 seconds of this, 30 seconds of that." Then he lost track of the conversation, and I tried to guide him back to explaining the Whateverpussy band, and he said some stuff about that, and then explained about how the Dillinger band was totally crazy, playing 30 seconds of this, 30 seconds of that.

Then he asked if I'd listen to the music he'd sent, and I'd explained that no, I'd gotten the two CDs, but I hadn't had a chance to listen to them, since my stereo isn't near my computer lately, plus lately I've been in the middle of copying my 4-tracks to digital and that's been taking up my "music" time. He said, no, it wasn't 2 CDs, it was 4 CDs, so I went and found them--I hadn't taken the CDs out of their jacket envelopes, but sure enough, there were two in each. I explained I still hadn't listened to them yet, but I hadn't realized that one of the CDs was some of his music (recorded on the eight track I bought him back when I was rather gainfully employed and was trying to encourage him to do something with his musical ability, which at least in shear ability-to-play-guitar-instinctively significantly exceeds mine), and I would definitely listen to it.

Then he told me how our mom had come down and visited him--I said, "and you went up to Skyline Drive", and he's like, "right".

But he's family.

Ah, the limitations of having an EQ of 59.
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