not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

my feet hate me

As I noted on Friday, my first post to LJ was the cryptic "I hate my feet". My previous journal had been very wordy and I had tried to always having something significant to say, so my first few LJ posts were overcompensating in the other direction.

Anyway, it was summing up my unhappy shoe experiences. So, on friday, I went and bought a new pair because my current pair was pretty utterly destroyed, after 5 miles of walking a day for 200, 250 days. I was in a hurry, and the store had the same brand in an almost identical model, so I just bought them without trying them on.

So, as soon as I put those shoes on, I noticed that they seemed really weird--my ankles were getting lifted up significantly on the outside compared to my previous shoes. I'm fairly sure that this is actually a consequence of the way my previous shoes had been destroyed, since the bottom outside under the ankles was the primary location of destruction. And then I went and checked my first LJ post, and in the comments I noticed that the shoes didn't really fit that well--I guess I'd just broken them in well enough after half a year that I'd forgotten that.

Anyway, it felt awkward (perhaps a bit like how wearing heels must feel), but no big deal, and I figured I'd get used to them. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in a car, sitting at a restaurant/club, and sitting in a house.

Sunday, I spent about three hours walking around downtown SF with my visiting-from-out-of-town friend.

Monday, my legs felt kind of screwed up, but I didn't really realize how bad (or else it wasn't as bad), so I walked to work and back that day.

Today I blew off going in to work because my legs are really fucking sore. I can walk fine, but it feels really uncomfortable, the kind of uncomfortable that I normally interpret as my body saying "don't do that". It's not. Normally I can walk for five hours and be ready for more the next day; this is more like I used some muscles I haven't used in my life before and way overused them.

Also, two significant blisters on the underside of my right foot, about an inch and a half apart (one on the big toe). Nothing on the left.

I may hit up my coworker for a ride to work tomorrow.
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