not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

I've had the occasional dream or dreams in the last four months, but mostly boring/realistic stuff not worth mentioning. Or weird sex dreams not worth mentioning.

Dream #1

There I am, a semi-heroic female a la Lara Croft. Some gentlemen have gotten trapped somewhere, like deep in a pyramid or something, and need rescuing. We have some kind of trials and I am the only one who qualifies. Somehow, the trials are the actual-traversing of the path to the guys (not just a perfect simulation thereof). The path is full of traps and weirdness; the only thing I can remember is this stretch where you run by these four giant pillars/statues, one by one. But then, as we'd pass them, or maybe after we enter the next room they'd start moving, on these axis-aligned paths, sort of hunting us down. But my character was nimble and easily just dodged them as they came by and hurried into a next passage that was smaller than them.

But that was the trial or the training or something. When we went to do the actual rescue, I had to bring along another guy with me, a guy who everyone knew was kind of clumsy.

So we get through everything else fine, but then we get to the stretch described above. And we run past and they start animating and the guy with me keeps getting hit and losing hit points (he flashes so I can tell). So I tell him that the simple rule to stay safe is to always stand east of them.

So he does that, but it still doesn't work. And they're shooting arrows at him. And wait, he's shooting arrows back at them, what an idiot, these are stone pillars. Oh crap, his health is almost gone...

Dream #2

A friend and I are setting up huge squads of miniatures for a fantasy combat against an opponent who hasn't arrived yet. (I've never done miniatures combat in my life.) There's lots of detail about the various squads and types we have involved, and something about a spell the other guy has prepped that I don't really understand at the time. And then I stand back and look and go hmm, this doesn't really seem like enough units, but he tells me that's just because from that distance the dwarves look insignificant, so I go around to the other side of the table and take a closer look at the dwarves--there's a big pack of dwarf infantry and another of dwarf archers, and it does look like a lot of guys, so yeah.

Then the opponent shows up, and dumps his guys out, spreads them around quickly. We haven't actually set up our guys to use the terrain, they're just laid out, ditto the other guy, as if we need to discover who wins initiative or something before "really" positioning them. But then it seems like we never actually do. The opponent does some kind of nasty attack to us from these guys at one side. After we weather it, my friend makes the dwarf archers assault that group of guys--little miniature arrows going flying across the table.

After another round in which I don't do anything, we've got this one squad or guy or something way out front towards the enemy. My friend orders an attack from somewhere at some of the enemy. Then he has a bunch of guys with ranged attacks attack the one guy of ours who's out in front. I go to stop them, turn them off, thinking it's a mistake, but he says it's intentional. There's a puff of smoke from the guy, and out of the smoke arises this huge (by miniature standards), glowing dragon. It's a summoned Black Dragon! The enemy starts directing all his forces to attack it as it flies around slowly, slaughtering his guys. My comrade is just watching the destruction. I tell him to get our guys attacking the enemy while he's distracted--the black dragon spell is only good for forty seconds or so, and then poof, it'll be gone.

Dream #3

I'm in an online computer game, chatting with this guy. We're in this spaceship-like vehicle, floating low over the ground inside some labyrinthine caves.

The two of us are plotting some kind of nastiness. Not in-game nastiness. Real world nastiness. Real world nastiness directed at this game itself. Because the game isn't done yet; this isn't even a public beta. Entirely private, supposedly entirely in-house.

A patrol ship comes along--a "good guy" patrol ship. We're in a "bad guy" vehicle, which attracts his attention, not just because we're "bad guys", but our ships aren't even supposed to be in the game yet. We're only in it because we're bad guys in real life.

Anyway, I try to fly our ship away, but it's too slow. I disconnect from the game.

I reconnect a few minutes later, hook up with the guy from before. I tell him that I'm not sure what the right thing to do is--I'm worried that disconnecting maybe calls too much attention that something shady is going on. He agrees, says disconnecting is probably a bad idea. Also, they log everything that happens. "Wait," I ask, "does that mean they can examine our conversations, our plots against them?" Yeah, he says. "Well, crap. Maybe I should go hack the code to prevent that." Because, you see, I am part of the development team--I'm just the traitor, the saboteur. But, as I ponder that, I realize that at some point, no doubt, they'll notice the change, and then all they have to do is check the CVS logs to see who checked it in, and I'm in big trouble.

Dream #4

I open a kitchen cabinet to find it half bare, and amongst the bareness is a baking-powder-shaped box which is some kind of insecticide, an around it are a couple big, ugly, dead bugs. I close the cabinet, try to pretend I never saw what I saw, and reach for a bag of cookies. But wait, somebody left this bag open, and there's an ant crawling across the edge of it. There's a whole pile of dirty dishes sitting on the counter next to the sink, and the occasional ant wandering around in it. I get bug spray and start spraying along the ant's backtrail--but they aren't really out in full force, so it's difficult to follow, but I do. Then I have a nasty conversation with the roommate who's been leaving the dirty dishes out.

(Again, nothing like this has ever happened in real life, although I did have an ant invasion here once.)
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