not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

I omit the first part of this dream which was about as coherent but I don't remember well.

So I'm in this store that's sort of like a leather shop--I'd been here during the first part, too. So I buy something, and I leave, and get in my car. I drive along the street, accelerating quickly, sutff whizzing buy in the opposite direction very close. Distracted by the passing cars, I barely jerk the car over sideways when the road becomes divided by a large median, zooming up hill. I'm going much too fast. I barely slow and stop at a red light at the top, but too late! There's a police car opposite me, and it starts flashing its lights, and the police officer in it gestures at me so I know who she's after. Man, how did she see me speeding up the hill? This sucks. I mouth a "what?" of confusion at her, and she yells out that the car I'm in is stolen, and I should pull over, and she'll be back in a minute. I look around and realize this isn't my car--I got in the wrong car when I left the shop!

So I hang a right and pull over in the far left lane (of a one-way road) next to a park. Roll down the windows and turn off the car. I sit there for a long time, my flashers on, but she doesn't show up. I decide to get out of the car to stretch. There are some guys hanging around the park playing with a basketball or something, and they're near me. The basketball gets loose and bounces my way. I miss it, but it bounces off the car and by me again, so I grab it and, after some deft Harlem Globetrotters moves, pass it off to them. They ask what's up, so I explain about getting pulled over and everything, and my surprise that it had been reported to the police so quickly. They laugh, it's some car they stole several days earlier, that they had abandoned down at a building next to the shop. I say I've been thinking about running for it, since the cop will only know the car, but they aren't sure she won't recognize me too.

Anyway, now I'm apparently a minion for one of the guys from the park, and have been for a while. We're in this building next to the sort-of-a-leather-shop place, in the basement. Pan across the four guys, slackers all, leaning in their chairs, as a narrator names them and adds a sentence or two. Two of the names were Hennessey and Shaugnessey or some such. And apparently these guys are fomenting revolution. So then this older, more serious, more deadly guy shows up, personified by Michael Caine, I think. He explains to us, the lackeys, how things are changing, the revolution is going to get real, things are happening, and while our personal affiliation to one of the four leaders is all well and good, we're going to have to accept that we might have to reassign them elsewhere for the good of the cause. Implying, I think, assigning them to him. So I get up and say, "sorry, I can't do this", and walk off. He comes after me and tries to persuade me otherwise, but I'm having none of it.

Totally unrelated, seemingly: I'm on a motorbike and I have this encounter with a woman who challenges me to follow her or race her or something. She's on some weird little vehicle that probably doesn't even really exist so no wonder I can't remember it. I figure, ok, I've got her no problem, except she takes off across the sand, across the desert. Well, I wasn't expecting her to go that way. My motorbike isn't rated for that. I drive back to the same damn pseudo-leather shop, and go in, and look around for different bike tires--they have some, but nothing like what I'm looking for.
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