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Four dreams last night: Star Trek, the boyfriend key, flight for food, one-hundred-thousand guys.

Star Trek

An episode of the original series. I wasn't a participant, just an observer, but not through a TV.

The premise of the episode: the entire show had the away team walking along a giant hedge, at night, with a huge spotlight centered on them, tracking as they walked. They were walking away from the shuttle--not that I ever saw it.

The one exceptional bit: at one point, at one of the occasional breaks in the hedge, McCoy decided to step through. He was with a generic female crewmember who tried to convince him not to, but he did anyway.

At this point, it was actually daylight, and McCoy steps through the gap in the hedge, and finds himself in an area a bit bigger than a room, surrounded by hedges on all sides. He futzes for a bit, then pulls out his tricorder and studies it.

Across the "room", a panel in the hedge opens and out emerges a, umm, something. It was sort of a cross between a leprauchan and a ballerina, I guess. I think it hopped on one leg, too. It hopped across to McCoy, who was busy with his tricorder and didn't see it. Then he looked up but it had hopped around behind him before he looked. He looked down, looked the other way, but it had hopped back around again. I think I heard a laughtrack too.

After the episode was over, we were walking back to the shuttle, and I noticed how this was hardly an alien world; looking in the other direction from the hedge was a perfectly normal street paralleling the hedge. A cross street was full of criss-crossing cables.

The Boyfriend Key

I was chatting with this woman in her room, and she had her computer on. She was worried about getting caught doing stuff she wasn't supposed to be (the scene kept oscillating between me communicating with her by computer and me being there in person, I think), so she demonstrated, hitting 'page up' on her keyboard a couple times to bring up some text on her screen so it looked like she was doing something normal. (It is unclear who she was worried about getting caught by: a boss or a boyfriend, I think.)

I pointed out that that would sort of work, but that the text didn't really necessarily apply to the current scenario, and that there were lots of other things that were active as well. (This may sound unclear, but it was unclear at the time--what I mean is that there were other things revealing that she wasn't doing what she was 'supposed tobe'.) It would be better to wire up all of those things in parallel, so their state could be toggled appropriately (to hide the duplicity). I think clothes being on and off were involved. Anyway, I said I could also help wiring this up to a particular key, rather than having to remember the right number of times to page up.

Since waking up, and considering the traditional "boss key" in some entertainment products, and the fact that I think there was a seduction going on, I believe this was whole dream was, in effect, about making a "boyfriend key"

Flight For Food

We wanted Japanese food so we decided to fly to Tokyo. We were on the plane, and it zipped around, looking for a place to take off. I remember a sharp 90-degree return at near-takeoff speeds.There was a nice Japanese restaurant at the top of a skyscraper of the place we were departing, but obviously we couldn't land the plane there. Eventually we took off, but then we decided not to fly all the way to Japan anyway, and landed again immediately.

More happened but I don't remember.

One Hundred Thousand Guys

There was this huge battle between one-hundred-thousand creatures out of the videogames Doom. (This relates to that programming event I ran and have photos from, but no screenshots or info about the games yet. I'll update about that at some point.)

What would happen is they were on opposing teams, and each of them thought I was on their enemy team. I was floating above them, able to move around at arbitrary speeds. When I got within a certain range of some of them, they would start chasing me (on the ground), and I could lead them close to the others, where they would start fighting each other.

Eventually there were only a few left. One of them turned into a balloon, bounced a couple of times, and collided with another, and they both popped.

All that was left was a ton of soapy splishes everywhere as if they had all been soap bubbles
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