not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Game night--Bart was visiting from Boston. Two tables; dunno what was played at the other table. Anne showed up for the first time in many, many months.

Played Fabrik der Traume, a wacky "attach stars and directors to your movie until you get it made", which has a nice mechanic that the money redistribution doesn't go exponential--you don't get more money for doing well--but it does have the odd rule that things worth the most points are worth bonus points, so I did the obvious(?) strategy of going for a few really low-valued things (to get a 3-point worst movie, which also was the first of its class, and hence worth 18 total), and two movies one of which I pumped a lot trying to make it best of its type; coincidentally, the other movie I finished was also best of its type, so I ended up with all three getting a 10-point bonus at the end; I brutally won with 94 points, second place was only 60+.

Then we played FIst of Dragonstones. I started with three of a color, and managed to get the fourth and the sorcerer in the first round. I was scourge for the whole game, and the last two or three rounds we played, two different co-scourges had two different cards they could have won with, but somehow with witches and outbidding by the other scourges the game got prolonged, until the third round, with 4 of 6 people now at two points, I finally was able to use my two-ways-to-win to claim victory.

So I won two games in one night, a total rarity. But the DragonstOnes thing was fairly random; any of the other two-pointers could have won just as easily.
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